Osteopathy Sassen's practice is located in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Badhoevedorp and Den Dungen. Since 2014 I work with great dedication to improve and maintain the health of my clients. Do you have complaints such as neck pain, back pain, tailbone complaints, abdominal complaints, headaches, migraines, pregnancy complaints, transitional complaints or burnout complaints? Or does your baby have sleep problems, preferred posture, crying fits, intestinal cramps or reflux? Then you have come to the right place at Osteopathy Sassen. You are most welcome!


In 2014, I graduated as an osteopath from the International Academy of Osteopathy in Zeist. Since then, I have been working as an osteopath. Before that I was working as a physiotherapist. In those years it has become clear to me that the area where the complaint manifests itself is not necessarily the cause. In osteopathy I have found my passion: "Namely to search for your health together with you".

In addition to treating adults, I also treat children and babies. I also focus my attention on problems related to the small pelvic area (bowels, bladder, fertility, scar treatment, pregnancies).

I work with great passion and keep constantly developing myself by attending courses. Since June 2015, Osteopathy Sassen has opened its doors. I strive for high quality and pay particular attention to the person I treat. The days I work in the practice are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I would be happy to welcome you!


Family Constellations, 2021
Panta Rhei Osteopathy in children, 2019-2021
Perinatal psychology with Terence Dowling DO, 2018-2019
Systemic work Stephan Hausner, 2019
Migraine, 2018
Integrated techniques with Frank the Baker in children, 2017
Integrated techniques with Frank de Bakker, 2016-2017
Embryo in motion, the embryo within us with Jaap van der Wal, 2016
Uro-gyneacological complaints, 2015
Thyroid disorders, 2015
Nutrition, 2015


My name is Merel, originally from Brabant and I moved to Amsterdam in 2010 to study physical therapy. During the past 10 years I have specialized as a physiotherapist in dry needling, sports injuries and the treatment of pregnancy and post-partum complaints. To further expand my understanding of the human body, I decided to study osteopathy. This enables me to identify the cause of complaints and treat them effectively. Now I understand why sports injuries keep recurring, why people cannot fully recover after a burnout, or why someone keeps experiencing bowel problems during stressful periods.

I have been working at osteopathy Sassen since June 2023, where I am also training in osteopathy for children. My practice focuses primarily on pregnancy-related complaints, recurrent sports injuries, burnout and post-Covid complaints, as well as children. Nevertheless, anyone is welcome with complaints that fall within the treatment area of osteopathy. Even without complaints you are welcome, as osteopathy contributes to optimizing your overall health.

I value the quality of my treatments, which are based on evidence-based methods and thorough screening to ensure that osteopathic treatment is most appropriate, or that other forms of care are necessary for your recovery.

In my spare time, I enjoy practicing sports, with (kite)surfing and winter sports being my biggest passions. I am personally familiar with challenging, but also instructive injuries. Where is there a blockage in the body, reduced blood flow, or an old injury that never fully recovered? When is the body fatigued and how can we get out of survival mode? Or are we just underused? Time and again, osteopathy offers a solution, often in combination with lifestyle adjustments.

I look forward to meeting you and working together to restore your body to its optimal function.