Osteopathy Sassen is located in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Badhoevedorp and Den Dungen.

IMPORTANT - effective October 14, 2023, the Amsterdam location will move from Nassaukade 136 to Van Ostadestraat 234 A-B. - IMPORTANT

Do you have complaints such as neck pain, back pain, tailbone pain, abdominal complaints, headaches, migraines, pregnancy complaints, pregnancy wish, fertility complaints, menopause complaints, hyperventilation or burnout complaints? Or does your baby have sleep problems, preferred posture, crying fits, intestinal cramps or reflux? Then Osteopathy Sassen is the right place for you.

Osteopathy Sassen helps people recover from physical complaints.

As an osteopath, I start from the self-healing ability of the human body. Everything in the body must be able to move in order to function and recover optimally. By looking for loss of movement in the body and treating these, the balance in the body is restored.

The power of osteopathy is that it looks at the underlying cause of a complaint. The body is viewed as a total system, focusing on the spine, pelvis, skull, organs, muscles, blood vessels and nervous system. Osteopathy is not a form of physical therapy.

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